Our Story So Far...

The founders of Co.Space have been pioneering new property developments and creating spaces for people and businesses to work for over 25 years. Being development entrepreneurs, they have continually needed to be aware of market conditions, movements in market demand and supply, tenant’s space needs and how these needs are being satisfied in the market.

Of interest has been the growth in the number of entrepreneurs needing small space for their business. The limited employment opportunities in the formal and corporate business sectors has resulted in massive growth in entrepreneurs who are starting up and growing businesses, employing people, making money and contributing to economic growth in the country.

Every entrepreneur needs small and affordable space to launch their business from. If their business is office based, such as a professional services business, then they are in luck as their space needs can be satisfied by any number of serviced office space providers. However, if they need to do something in their space, such as create, make, fix, store and/or distribute product then their options are very limited. 

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Most commercial space available in the market is too large, too expensive and the lease requirements are too onerous for a start-up business to commit to. This forces entrepreneurs to compromise on their requirement for a professional workspace and they end up working from their garage or spare room in their homes if they have the spare space available. But unfortunately, the reality is that spare space and garages are in short supply given the high density living that has become the norm for most urban dwellers. So, where do the budding Richard Branson’s, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other want-to-be entrepreneurs start out from?

This is the gap the founders of Co.Space identified in the market. After a year of researching local and international offerings such as shared offices, self-storage, micro warehouses, collaborative workspaces and the like they concluded that all these offerings fell short of providing the right space, support, community and environment that entrepreneurs need to thrive. Informed by their research findings they designed, developed and launched the first Co.Space entrepreneur village in Midrand in 2016.

The response received to the Co.Space offering from entrepreneurs and small business owners has been overwhelming and has confirmed the need for Co.Space facilities in all urban areas. In order to satisfy this need Co.Space has embarked on an expansion program to develop entrepreneur villages on a national basis with the next two villages planned for Kya Sand (Randburg) and Pretoria East with more to follow.

It Takes a Village...

We work better together. As much as each genius, innovator, creator and natural entrepreneur isn’t born into the world alone, they need to be nurtured in spaces where they are able to connect, communicate and collaborate with others. Great companies are created where good company is kept.

Ideas too, need people to drive them. Whether this means people who will inspire them, people to bounce them off, people who will challenge them, people who will help refine and actualize them or people who will simply spread them. No idea can grow in isolation.

So, knowing that, where’s the best space for an entrepreneur to grow ideas and convert them into business? Within a village of fellow entrepreneurs. A village specifically created for unique businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.

Our story is rooted in recognising this need and providing local entrepreneurs with a unique, inclusive and cooperative environment in which to work. Our village solution allows people with diverse ideas and diverse businesses to work in their own convenient workspaces, in good company within an encouraging and supportive community.


Co.Space Meeting Rooms - Affordable Commercial Workspaces
Co.Space Business Centre - Affordable Commercial Workspaces

We’re focused on giving people the space they need to succeed, especially for businesses that don’t seem to fit in anywhere else. We offer unique and individual spaces to suite unique and individual businesses.

We focus on company and companies. We’re all about people who are building their brands and businesses coming together with others who are building theirs too. It’s all about being surrounded by like-minded people, collectively creating a space for every kind of entrepreneur.

Our sense of collaboration extends beyond just providing a space where collaboration can take place. We collaborate with our tenants too. We actively co-create our community with them. We support and work directly with them to make their time with us productive and enjoyable.

We want people to feel like they are truly a part of something special, both from a personal and professional perspective. We want them to be motivated by the same purpose that we are: to succeed at what we do, to create opportunities, to create employment and to contribute to the growth of our country’s economy.

Co.Space People

The team who work at Co.Space are the best people around. We believe in ourselves, our company and our offering. We uphold and live by the best possible “Business Values” and “People Principles”. This is what makes us special.

Business Values

We understand our customer’s needs. We put effort into growing and building relationships with them. We actively manage their expectations. We provide breakthrough service to our customers and do whatever it takes to help them succeed.
We strive to make ourselves and our business the best it can be. We are energised and always undertake tasks and complete them with a sense of urgency. We are proactive in identifying and resolving challenges. We are guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and a streetwise approach. We are accountable and deliver the best in anything and everything we do.
We are a team. We are accessible and always open to communication with each other. We strive to work together in harmony and always seek mutually beneficial solutions to team challenges. We are each other’s customers and treat each other as such.

People & People Principles

We always act with integrity and honesty. We are reliable. We do what we say we will. We have courage to do the right thing and build a good reputation both for ourselves and Co.Space. We are loyal. We stand by our colleagues, family, friends and country.

We treat each other and others with respect, are tolerant of differences, have great manners and deal peacefully with anger, disappointments and disagreements. We are never rude to or insulting of others.

We do what we say we will and always do what we are supposed to do. We try, we do and we never say die.  We always do our best, think before we act and are accountable for our choices.

We play by the rules, are open-minded and listen to others.

We are kind, compassionate, express gratitude and always do whatever it takes to help people in need.

Co.Space is proud to be South African. We’re contributing to the economy by providing better space for people to work, we’re creating jobs and doing what we can to help build a better country. We do what we can to help through co-operation, staying informed, being a good neighbour, obeying the laws and rules of the country, respecting authority and protecting the environment.