Are You Ready to Move Your Business From Home?

It’s a story out of entrepreneur folklore – the huge, groundbreaking business that got its start in someone’s garage. Google did it. Amazon did it. Apple did it. Even Walt Disney did it, although goodness knows where all the Snow White and Princess Elsa actresses would have fitted. The point is, for entrepreneurs it is almost a badge of honour to come from humble beginnings, to carve out a space in a dusty grandma’s dusty garage somewhere and manifest the next Microsoft. Or Paypal. Or something equally exciting. Thing is, every single one of those companies eventually had to move into offices in order to take their businesses to the next level. And, if you want to grow, you will have to as well.

Let’s be honest, in the new work-from-home environment, having a physical office that you have to go into every day seems like a bit of a shlep. For a start, you have to get out of your pyjamas, you have to face traffic, you have to give up your afternoon snoozes, the list goes on. But, far outweighing these downsides, are the very real practical and psychological benefits to giving your business the office it deserves.

1. A Corporate Headquarters

Okay, ‘corporate headquarters’ sounds a bit grandiose but having a physical space gives your business legitimacy. It says you take your business seriously and so should others. It also provides a central place for meetings, brainstorms and presentations.

2. Show The World Who You Are


An office space is so much more than a few square meters where you can put your desk and a printer. It can represent who you are as a business. Your signage, your décor, even your location give off non-verbal cues that let clients know what kind of a business you are.

3.When You Outgrow Your Home Office

Congrats, you’re growing. It’s what any entrepreneur dreams of, so don’t ruin the dream by staying in a space that is 3 sizes too small. Whether you’re working in a study or in your garage, when you start to grow you need to ensure that you have the space to continue to run your business effectively and professionally.

4. Creating an Energetic Culture


The culture of a business is created by interactions, and the engagement and enthusiasm that come from that. It is pretty hard to create that over online team meetings. Never underestimate the business value of a place that sizzles with energy and cooperation.


5. A Place Where All Are Comfortable


If you work with a team, an office space helps create a place where all feel, for want of a better expression, at home and comfortable. Your home is your personal space and employees may feel uncomfortable invading it every day, whereas an office space is a neutral zone and more conducive to free-flowing thoughts and interactions.

6. The Invasion of the Enthusiastic Toddler

We’ve all seen the footage of the cute, sassy young girl who strutted into her daddy’s office while he was being super professional and respectable during a national news interview. It was hysterical, it was cute, it is not something you want to risk on a daily basis. Dogs barking, kid’s playing, plumbers popping by, all of these make for a distracted work environment that affects focus and productivity.


7. A Better Life Balance


While crawling out of bed and shuffling 10 metres over to your computer to start your workday may sound appealing, it makes it harder to put up barriers between your work and private life. This is essential if you don’t want to burn out. An office that you have to go to and leave helps ensure that work stays at work and home stays at home, without the distractions of the other.

We like to think that we have put up a persuasive argument in favour of office space, but deciding to invest in an office space is a big decision and should be thought through carefully. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the leap.


8. Do You Have the Budget for it?


Securing an office space is not as expensive as you’d expect. If you are on a shoestring budget, however, it’s wise to do the math and determine that you really do have the capital, and the revenue stream needed, to make it work. It’s not just the rental you have to consider, there are other expenses such as utilities, signage, office furniture, equipment and so on that you need to consider. Even purchasing a kettle and a fridge is an expense that you wouldn’t have if you worked from home.


9. Does it Match Your Growth Plans?


Is the space you are considering going to suit your needs in the immediate and the longer term? If growth is your ambition, you don’t want to commit to a place that you will just have to move out of again in 6 months. This is where office spaces that offer month-to-month leases come in handy, you have the flexibility to upsize when you need to. Carefully assess your needs and your plans and find the place that best suits you.



What do you Want From Your Space?


It’s important to know exactly what you require from your space. If you need it to act as a space where you can meet clients, you need to consider décor, layout, location. If it is for storage of product, as well as a working space, you need to consider space and functionality. Needs vary, it’s important to understand what your needs are.


As an ambitious entrepreneur with a growing business, it is inevitable that you will have to move out of home and into your own office space. The benefits are significant but, as with all business decisions, it’s important to do your homework and ensure that you know exactly what you need from your space. The right space, at the right time, can amplify your dreams and ambition and lay the groundwork for the world-changing business that you are destined to create.

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