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A  new era of business efficiency and flexibility! Our expansive warehouses are specially designed to cater to a diverse range of business needs. Whether you’re a thriving distributor, a dynamic e-commerce business, an innovative manufacturer, or simply in search of reliable storage solutions, our facilities offer the perfect blend of space and versatility.


From R5 111

12 - 72m2



Air conditioning*


Mezzanine level*

Dispatch and delivery service


Double volume


24-hour security

 * These are optional extras you can enjoy within your space.

All workspaces include:

Free Wi-Fi

Business Hub

Prepaid Utilities

Drive up Access

24/7 Access


warehouse features

Ample Space:

Experience the freedom of operating in a vast, open-plan warehouse. High ceilings and wide floor spaces provide ample room to manoeuvre, store, and organize your goods efficiently.


Flexible Terms:

Embrace the ease our month-to-month warehouse rentals. Our flexible leasing options allow your business to adapt and grow without being tied down by long-term commitments.


Customized Sections:

Our warehouses are segmented into specialized areas, each designed for optimal performance. From shelves brimming with e-commerce products to robust manufacturing zones equipped with the latest machinery, every inch is tailored for productivity.


Ideal for Distribution:

With dedicated areas for loading and distribution, our warehouses are strategically designed to streamline your supply chain processes. Easy access for trucks and ample space for pallet storage make distribution effortless.


Secure Storage Solutions:

Safety is paramount. Our warehouses provide secure, well-organized spaces to store your products, equipment, or any other business essentials, giving you peace of mind.


Strategic Locations:

Conveniently situated to maximize accessibility and minimize transit times, our warehouses are ideally positioned for businesses looking to optimize their logistics and distribution channels.


Embrace the flexibility and efficiency of our spacious warehouses, designed to support and scale with your business. Discover how our month-to-month rental solutions can be the cornerstone of your business growth. Explore our warehouses today and step into a space where your business can truly thrive!