Co.Space shared Business Hub

Co.Space Business Hub – Superior Amenities

The Business Hub is a central building at each Co.Space Entrepreneur Village where tenants have 24/7 biometric access.

This shared facility is packed with a range of supplementary services and amenities tailored to support entrepreneurs.

Let’s explore some of the benefits the Business Hub offers below.

More space to work:

Our Business Hub offers additional desk space offering a change of scenery for focused work away from your primary workspace.

Equipped with plug points and free Wi-Fi connectivity, you can perform all your work tasks from the Business Hub.

Private Meeting Rooms:

Professionalism is paramount. Impress your clients when they visit for a meeting.

Our meeting rooms provide a professional setting designed for brainstorming sessions, team meetings and sales meetings in a comfortable setting.

Book a meeting room via the Co.Space Mobile App, web portal or simply pop past reception if you prefer that personal touch and our staff will happily assist with booking your slot.

Work Pods:

Collaboration meets privacy in our private work pods – compact yet versatile spaces designed for solo tasks.

Work pods offer you privacy when you need to make calls or perform other tasks which require no distractions.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Stay connected with high-speed internet access in the central hub, facilitating seamless communication, tasks, and virtual collaboration.

Complimentary Tea and Coffee

Kickstart your day on the right note with complimentary tea and coffee offered at the central shared business hub.  

Complimentary refreshments foster a welcoming environment for networking, creativity, and relaxation within the hub.

Evaporative cooling System

Beat the heat of summer days with the advanced evaporative cooling system installed in the business hub.

Designed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, this cooling system ensures a conducive working environment for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Whether you’re hosting meetings, conducting workshops, or tackling deadlines, the evaporative cooling system enhances your comfort and productivity throughout the summer months.

Printing Services:

In the digital age, print remains essential.

Our printing services offer convenience and quality, covering all tenant needs without outsourcing hassle.

When you become a tenant, you receive your own access code to securely send and release print jobs.

Reception Services:

Make a lasting first impression with our professional reception services.

Whether welcoming clients or receiving packages, our dedicated staff ensures seamless operations and a warm welcome for all visitors.

Dispatch and Delivery Services:

The reception also accommodates despatch and delivery services.

From sending out parcels to receiving important documents, we’ve got you covered, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your business.

Networking Opportunities:

The business hub at Co.Space is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs and professionals.

Whether it’s chatting over coffee or attending networking events, you can build valuable connections and find opportunities to collaborate and grow your business.

In conclusion, the Co.Space Business Hub offers a multitude of benefits designed to support entrepreneurs and professionals in their business endeavours.

From providing additional workspace options and professional meeting rooms to offering complimentary Wi-Fi, tea, and coffee, the hub creates a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration.

Embrace the advantages of the business hub to connect, create, and thrive in a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

Join us and unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial journey.


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